Daniel O’Connor is an adjunct Philosophy Professor at Hudson Valley Community College

Office: Brahan Hall Room 116. Office Hours: Varies by semester. Please see your course syllabus.

Students should contact Mr. O'Connor using the email address posted on their syllabi.

Others should reach out via Daniel's personal blog (www.DSDOConnor.com)

Students: Videos of some of Professor O’Connor’s Introduction to Philosophy Lectures may be found below. If you missed a class, please watch the video lecture here that corresponds to the material you missed, and fill out your class discussion sheets as best you can while you watch

Note: These lectures were all recorded and uploaded in full 4k (2160p) resolution. I suggest you select that resolution for playback (with the "settings" icon that shows on the video) so that you are more likely able to read the chalkboard. If playback becomes choppy, you can decrease the resolution to make it smoother. Also, click the upper, right-most icon on this video to see all the lectures that are available, as only the first shows up immediately below.

St. Joseph Mechanical Solutions, LLC. -- www.SJMechanicalSolutions.com (host to Daniel's engineering/innovation endeavors)

The Common Good Platform -- www.CommonGoodPlatform.com (the Political Platform founded by Daniel)

Partial Curriculum Vitae (Please contact Daniel if full CV is needed)